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Application Help for Step Parent Adoption in New Jersey

Adoption is a time of joy for the family. You get a new family member, who soon becomes another loved one. The legal process can be a pain, however. Whether you are applying for step parent adoption in New Jersey, child adoption, adult adoption, or relative adoption, you will need professional help to get you through the process quickly.


As an expert agency that applicants frequently approach to get their New Jersey adoption applications prepared and completed, we know the formalities and technicalities expected in a proper adoption application in NJ.

Many applicants contact pricey adoption attorneys in New Jersey for their applications, but that is a mistake for two key reasons: (1) the attorney will waste considerable time, trying to show you how difficult the task is and calling for repeated interviews, and (2) they will charge an incredible sum as their service fee.

You can avoid all of that by taking our reliable service for your complete New Jersey adoption applications, no matter what type you are pursuing. All we need from you is the necessary information and details for the application forms. Once we have that, we will return your fully prepared application within 2-3 business day!

Save big bucks and get your adoption application done just right


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New Jersey adoption laws are quite complex due to the many limitations and restrictions they put on the applicant. Unlike many other states of the US, not just any adult living in the state can adopt another person - adult or minor. If you want to pursue child adoption in New Jersey while you are not married to a parent of the child, you will need to be a stable resident of the state. In case you are married, your spouse will have to be a co-applicant and you will be registered as a couple of foster parents. This particular stipulation can be removed by the courts for good cause.

For step parent adoption in New Jersey, you have to obviously give proof of your marriage with the child’s parent. If the child is aged ten or over, you will also need to get their written consent before submitting your application.

Whether you are going for step parent adoption in New Jersey or applying as a foster parent, you should know prior residency for six months in the state will be needed for the child being adopted.


Adult adoption in New Jersey is also complex. While it is expected that the applicant has to be over 18 years of age at the time of submitting the application, the state also stipulates that, for an application of adult adoption in New Jersey to be eligible for processing, there should be a difference of age between the applicant and the adult they are adopting. So, if you have promised an adult relative adoption in New Jersey, you should first double-check if they are is an age difference and that they are younger than you. Of course, getting their consent for the application will not be much trouble, which is also mandatory.


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How our service works:

After the ordering process, fill in our "Portable Adoption Questionnaire" and submit it back to us.

We complete your adoption forms in 2-3 business days and email them back to you for your review.

When you have what you want, simply sign the adoption papers and walk them down to your local County Courthouse. Then, toward the end, attend your final hearing and read your sample court room statement (provided by us).


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Step parent adoption, adult adoption, child adoption and grandparent adoption are our passion.

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