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Step Parent Adoption in Delaware: Get Application Help

Step parent adoption in Delaware is the most popular type of adoption in the state. We have prepared dozens of cases for the state over the past one year, which means the number goes higher. Other types of adoptions are not so common, although adult adoption in Delaware is on the rise again. Unfortunately, the only thing common among these various types of adoption petitions are the confusing application forms and their ambiguous questions.


As a professional and dedicated service provider, Rapid Adoption has been preparing adoption petitions for the last 15 years. Helping families grow bigger and happier is the only thing we do and we are proud of our work.

We have become experts in adoption petitions and you should get our services for your adoption application in Delaware. Over the years, we have maintained 100% success rate, which means none of our petitions were ever refused acceptance in any courts they were taken to. We have developed thousands of petitions that were submitted to every state of the country.

Your other option is an adoption attorney. While they are qualified to do the job, they will make you a bill in the thousands and take several days to finish the job.

In contrast, we promise all that value for a fraction of that fee and need only three days to do the job. Get our help with:

  • Step parent adoption in Delaware
  • Adult adoption in Delaware
  • Child adoption in Delaware
  • Relative adoption in Delaware

Get our services and save money and time


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Of course, this kind of problem is expected in legal procedures and documents, and the key to overcoming these problems is preparation along with professional assistance. We provide the professional help people need with their adoption petitions but they need to prepare for the legal process as well. You should get familiar with the law of the land and study the adoption laws of Delaware. We have, in fact, included key details of Delaware’s adoption laws in the following paragraphs so you do not have to go and look them up.


Step parent adoption in Delaware comes with a simple enough legal process and few conditions that you need to fulfill before your petition is accepted for consideration by the courts. As a step parent about to take full legal responsibility of your stepchild, you must let them stay under your roof for at least six months before you file for adoption. Similarly, you must take your spouse’s written consent for the petition as the birth parent in custody of the child you are adopting. If the child is 14 years of age or older, their consent is also required. Apart from these, there is no other serious condition to get in the way of your petition for step parent adoption in Delaware courts.

As far as other types of child adoption in Delaware are concerned, you need to be eligible as a foster parent before you can file a petition. For that, you must be a legal citizen of the state and be over 21 years of age. The agency involved in the placement with your case of child adoption in Delaware will probably take care of the consents, but you should stay on top of this as well.


Adult adoption in Delaware is not illegal and you can file a petition to make a legal bond for a relationship you have with an adult. The legal requirements for such a petition include the usual consents (that of the adoptee adult and that of their spouse if they are married) but you will need your spouse to sign up as a co-applicant for your petition. The Judge involved in your case of adult adoption in Delaware may ask for a specific home residency period before the final hearing. So, you should be ready for that.

For cases of relative adoption in Delaware, there is little to say. This type of adoption is not very common in the state. However, it is not prohibited and, if you have a relation in need of love and care only family can provide, you may file for relative adoption in Delaware courts.


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When you have what you want, simply sign the adoption papers and walk them down to your local County Courthouse. Then, toward the end, attend your final hearing and read your sample court room statement (provided by us).


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Step parent adoption, adult adoption, child adoption and grandparent adoption are our passion.

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