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adoption paperwork

Below is a quick overview of the four adoption types offered with our services. Because it is just a simple summary, you can click the LEARN MORE links to find out more information about the adoption type you are interested in. Note that we can not give legal advice or consult you in any way.



Child Adoption


If you already have a child in mind you want to adopt, we'll do the adoption paperwork and help you complete the adoption process.



Step Parent Adoption


If you or your spouse want to adopt a step-child brought into the marriage & become the legal parent, we can help.




Relative Adoption


If the person you want to adopt is a family member (ex: grand child, we can help you establish the legal ties and make it official.


Adult Adoption


If you want to adopt a person of legal age, typically for purposes of inheritance, we can help you with the forms and process.

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Step parent adoption, adult adoption, child adoption and grandparent adoption are our passion.

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