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Dollar for Dollar, we Offer MORE Performance and Features than Any Other Adoption Forms Company.


You Can Count on Us to Do Your Adoption Right.


We have done more adoption forms than any other online company which makes us the best in the industry.


Our company is also one of the few that still uses real people (paralegals) to prepare your forms and instructions. Most everybody else has moved to automated software systems because it's cheaper... yet the cost of their service is typically more. Go figure.


To this date we have prepared over 815,972+ documents.


Our Guarantee, or safety net, ensures that we produce the proper forms since those are the most important part of the process. If we fail to deliver, you will get your money back.


We Can Handle the Following Types of Cases:


Step Parent Adoption

Child Adoption

Adult Adoption

Relative Adoption


We can also handle the following special situations:


Biological father is missing.

Adoption of unborn children.

Adoptive parents are in one state and adoptee in another.

And many more. See if we can do your adoption

“I would just like to thank you for preparing the documents so that I could adopt my adult former step daughter Jennifer. We attended court this morning in Los Angeles County and were happy there was no problem with the papers and the judge duly signed them. You are doing a great job!  Our thanks again.” Roy Wiskar


“Thank you so much for getting back to me!! You all have been so helpful and efficient =)” Tonya – ID


“Thanks for taking the time to write and explain the situation to me. Thank you and your company for this special kindness towards me and my family.  We are all very thankful to each of you.” Ericka -  Tennessee


“The adoption case had been granted by the judge today. As what we have been told that Children are not necessary to attend the hearing, we brought them with us just in case. Here we just want you to know that we appreciate all your help and indeed, a good helper is better than a lawyer. Without your help to prepare the adoption paper work, we wouldn't know how to start and where to go, now, the final judgment has been granted and James became an official father to the kids. We would love to let everyone who are in the same situation to know your excellent work and seeking help from your service. May God bless you and your wonderful service.” James and Rachel

“I just wanted to send a statement of gratitude for all of the help provided.  We went to court on September 2, 2005 for the final adoption proceeding of my use to be stepdaughter.  Yes I did say use to be stepdaughter.  The Judge signed the stepfather adoption making my step daughter my legal daughter.  With the use of your site we saved over $2000.00 in lawyer fees.  The Lord worked wonders also.  The Lord led us to your site and finished the process with us at the courtroom.  Again thanks for your help and support.”
Andrew and Lisa – South Carolina



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And don't Forget, our Service is Fast! Faster than these Kids can Run!


Just kidding, it's actually really simple. On average, adoptions done with our help are up to 40% faster than those same adoptions done with a lawyer. Why? Because our service eliminates unnecessary meetings with a lawyer and time spent waiting for the next step in the process. Besides, lawyers hold meetings to inflate the hours and therefore the total legal bill. Our service, in simple terms, cuts the fat off the traditional adoption process performed by lawyers. Aside from that, everything is electronically streamlined so that it can be done faster than any traditional way.



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It starts with something as simple as the initial Questionnaire. When you click this link, you can see a tutorial that gives you an idea of how easy it is to fill out. Also, just for kicks... check out our Commercial and tell us what you think.



Correct us IF we're Wrong, but isn't the Choice Obvious?


No, the choice is not obvious.


Step parent adoption, adult adoption, child adoption and grandparent adoption are our passion.

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