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Closed Adoption VS Open Adoption


Either way you choose to do your adoption, we can prepare the adoption forms for you without an attorney. If you prefer to not have information about the child or the mother after the adoption, then a "Closed Adoption" is right for you. However, if you want to know how things are going in the life of the child after the adoption, then an "Open Adoption" is the right way to go for you. Either way we can prepare the adoption forms without an attorney and save you thousands of dollars. When compared to the price of an attorney, our prices are UNBEATABLE.


Overview of our Closed and Open Adoption Service


We assist our customers in completing their adoption forms and adoption papers. Whether Open or Closed, the adoption forms are very similiar. Our Paperwork Specialists assemble these forms for our customers. We don't use a brainless automated internet system to fill in the forms like some other internet adoption sites. We have qualified professionals completing the paperwork for you. Our system eliminates the need for the high costs of lawyers and attorneys.


Start Now Your Close Adoption or Open Adoption Today


You can follow step by step instructions, on this site, to start your Closed or Open adoption immediately. You can use this site to start the adoption process right now. The process takes only a fraction of the time it would take to see a lawyer. We take the stress out of doing an adoption.


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How our service works:

After the ordering process, fill in our "Portable Adoption Questionnaire" and submit it back to us.

We complete your adoption forms in 2-3 business days and email them back to you for your review.

When you have what you want, simply sign the adoption papers and walk them down to your local County Courthouse. Then, toward the end, attend your final hearing and read your sample court room statement (provided by us).


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Step parent adoption, adult adoption, child adoption and grandparent adoption are our passion.

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